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Become the best version of you through effective communication.

Communication is Key!

Communication IS the secret to success!

If you are looking to improve your or your child's communication, you've come to the right place!

Erin Coley is a proven expert in preparing her students for important auditions, presentations, and life!

Erin specializes in Bak & Dreyfoos Communication and Theatre preparation, Mitzvah speeches, and corporate presentation preparations.

Hot off the press - join her Articulatable Membership for adults!

Improve Your Communication Now!

Year-Round Classes

Improve public speaking skills, creative writing, performing arts, and thinking skills with these year-round classes. Get a free first class with code "ERINCOL20"

Bak & Dreyfoos Audition Prep

Students auditioning for a communication or theatre program can prepare with 8-week and 12-week workshops designed to not only prepare them for the audition, but provide valuable life skills!

Private Lessons

Schedule your individual evaluation or private public speaking or theatre lesson with Erin


We grow through challenges!

Erin Coley, M.Ed. is passionate about student growth and progress.

With a Masters degree in Curriuculum and Instruction, Erin has been studying the way we learn for decades. Adults and children alike grow when we are having fun and when we are pushed out of our comfort zones.


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